6 Essential Points to Cover for eCommerce Sites


Online shopping has become a norm, and almost everyone wants to purchase products through e-commerce websites.

Setting business online seems pretty, but it isn’t as easy as many think. First, you’ll need to design an attractive website to attract the attention of potential customers. Second, you need to highlight your product in a perfect manner.

This blog will tell you about six important points for e-commerce sites.

  1. High-quality videos and images

Gone are the days when you’d post a simple product image and expect it to attract customers.

Nowadays, you’ll need high-quality images with appealing videos to support your narrative. You need to create videos about every aspect of your product to convince the customers that you’re the right person to contact with.

Don’t forget to add a GIF of your product to add flavour to your website’s design. Remember, people won’t bother to visit your website to post blurry pictures.

  1. Attractive search bar and product categories

The more attractive the search bar, the more people will visit your site. It is probably the most important aspect of your website.

You need to design your search bar in a prolific manner. Moreover, you also need to use filters in your website to make it more appealing and flawless. Posting the product categories can also help you attract most site visitors.

  1. Keep visual hierarchy

To prosper in an online business, you need to take care of the visual hierarchy. It means you need to place the things in the right order so your visitors can easily understand the things.

In a visual hierarchy, you need to place the name and logo of your product appropriately.

Moreover, it would help if you also remembered that you didn’t put the relevant information poorly.

Instead, if you’re designing a ” contact” bar, that should only contain information about contacts. In addition, you also need to maintain separate categories for the main content and personal information.

  1. Clean and Simple design

The success of your online store depends heavily on the design of your website. About 48% per cent of visitors will judge the credibility of your business by seeing your website design.

That’s why you need to pay a close look at your website design. Select a simple colour with elegant typography to make your website look elegant.

Moreover, you need to put appealing and attractive elements to your website to make people visit your site and stay. In addition, you also need to eliminate the unnecessary components from your site to make things look relevant.

To make your website design look relevant, try to make things simple and understandable for your users.

  1. Hire a professional web developer

If you’re to design a website for your online business, you better take the services of a professional web developer such as web design Brisbane.

A professional expert can put things in order more appropriately than an inexperienced person. An expert knows how to design a website and attract the right audience.

He will also help to generate relevant content for your website. In addition, the expert can help you to send emails to your potential customers in a more pursuable manner.


If you’re to commence an online store, you need to pay more attention to a website than your product. It seems a bit surprising, but it is true.

People will visit your site to see the design of your website. You can read the blog about the important points you need to meet for e-commerce sites.

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