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Maintenance means searching following the every part of the automobile, even individuals that are within the bonnet. It informs the sturdiness, reliability and gratifaction of car that you simply drive. We generally neglected until and unless of course our vehicle is stopped functioning. Oils checking, battery checking and examining the electrical system, are couple of but essential thing to remember in maintenance that will help your automobile to operate easily and securely.

Oil checking and altering:

This is actually the simple but essential auto maintenance job that you can do for the vehicle. Oil protects the moving areas of the engine, oil and oil filters may be altered every 3,000 to 5000 miles.

Air Conditioning Filter:

The dirty air conditioning filter might be caused to lower your engine power, elevated fuel expenses, air flow sensor failure etc. Air conditioning filter substitute can provide your automobile with more than 30% of fuel efficiency and improve fuel useage by as much as 10 % and safeguard your engine too.


Regular engine tune-ups and vehicle maintenance take away the problems of gas mileage broken spark plugs, exhausted brakes, low fluid transmission, or transmission problems.


Check vehicle battery and cables connection and make certain hey are safely attached and never corroded, battery’s primary function would be to beginning the engine, bulges and cracks explain the battery have to be replaced. Should you found the corrosion, attempt to fix it with water and sodium bicarbonate, used non metal bristle brush. It won’t take a lot of time and could be good source in order to save your


Car windows Wipers:

Replace car windows wipers two times annually, its essential a part of save driving. They must be proper cleaned, use mild detergent and paper towel to wash the

blades. When the blades appear like broken, they’re quit simple to change. Its rely on you to definitely switch the rubber blade or whole arm.


The brakes are important safety part in your vehicle, if brakes making noise, or else you feel vibration inside them whenever you hit the brakes, look into the brakes as quickly as possible and replace all of them with brand new one. The breaks checking can decrees the chance of accidents which brought on by brake failure.

Timing Belt:

The timing belt failure might be triggered risky harm to your vehicle engine, check timing belt after every 10,000 miles, change it out if you notice deep cracks in belts, which shows sing for belt to get replaced.


Keep vehicle tires correctly inflated, carefully watch tires if found bald spots, its time to adjust your tires. Inflate or deflate your automobile tires when needed, because the common mistake the driving under inflated tires which might caused for low fuel useage.

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