Everything You Need to Know About Tattoo Removal


A tattoo is among the most exciting accessories that can complement your exquisite taste and style. Nonetheless, you might get one, and over time, start to regret the decision. In the past, tattoo removal wasn’t as productive. You had to consider either surgical removal or dermabrasion, options that are not as comfortable, not to mention the possible significant scarring. Today, the process is more manageable with laser tattoo removal. Check out Sentient Lasers; you’ll be amazed by the innovative products that enable effective tattoo removal. While the tech makes the tattoo removal process a lot better, you need to know a few things before you consider it. Here is what you should know about laser tattoo removal.

One visit won’t be enough

Laser tattoo removal is not a quick fix. Following the tattoo size, age, and color, you’ll need a few visits before it is gone. Basically, the older the tattoo, the quicker the removal as the body lightens the ink over time. As you dive in, expect many visits. On average, expect 7 to 12 treatments to completely get rid of the tattoo. With such information, you won’t be frustrated by the process midway as it seems to take forever.

Lasers are strong but expect no pain

The laser tattoo removal process involves a high-intensity light beam breaking up the pigment colors. While the laser is hot, you won’t be subjected to considerable pain and discomfort. The pros use some form of anesthesia, making the process as painless and comfortable as possible. You might experience some side effects such as metal taste and discomforts, but nothing serious. While pain tolerance varies from one person to the next, the process should be unbearable.

The artist counts

Laser tattoo removal isn’t that cheap. Nonetheless, don’t go for the cheapest service to save a few bucks. The pro significantly affects the process and the results. If you choose an amateur who can hardly handle the process, you’ll be exposed to risks, including skin damage, scarring, or infection. Pick reliable and reputable professionals boasting the best tools and facilities to ensure you receive top-class services.

Your skin type

While effective, laser tattoo removal doesn’t work the same way for everyone. Your skin tone affects the process. For instance, darker tones might take longer, or certain devices might prove inefficient. This is noting that differentiating the tattoo from the normal skin is difficult for the laser.

The tattoo will be removed entirely

With approaches such as dermabrasion, the removal doesn’t guarantee complete removal. It typically leaves a mushy outline at the spot where the tattoo was, a sight that might not be what you hoped to get. With the modern lasers, you’ll be left with a normal skin appearance. You won’t be left with a light shadow that makes the tattoo invisible as it’ll be completely erased. This is especially if the tattoos’ colors are blue and black, as they respond better to the laser treatment.

Laser tattoo removal is effective and safe. Nonetheless, you need to set realistic expectations, keeping side effects in mind. For instance, the process could leave you with minor scarring. Hypo and hyper-pigmentation are also common. The bottom line; laser removal conquers, outdating the notion that tattoos are for life.

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