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Golfing is one of the most relaxing games to engage in. With its relaxed environment, it provides an effective way for the body and mind to relax. Every golfing enthusiast will agree that there is no specific way of playing golf. This is because this game has been evolving over the years, providing different gaming strategies and techniques. However, there are some basics you must get right to form an excellent foundation for your gaming experience. For instance, golf grips include one of the most significant fundamentals of golfing. If you compare interlock vs overlap grip, you will notice that each grip has a dramatic impact on your swing. This article will explore different grip types and the advantages they give the player.

The Interlocking Grip

The interlocking grip can allow you to realize huge success upon applying it when playing golf. To begin with, how do we do the interlocking grip? This technique involves having the pinky of your trailing hand placed entirely between the middle and index finger of your leading hand. This means that your index finger of the leading hand will lay between the ring and pinky finger of the trailing hand, thus facilitating better interlocking for both hands. The benefits of using this golfing technique are that it is appropriate for small hands, lowers the tension on the club, and locks the wrist and hands together better.

The Overlapping Grip

Also known as Vardon Grip, this golfing technique was largely utilized by Harry Vardon, a professional British golfer, hence its name. Again, it is also popularly used today golfing newbies will likely be taught this first. The overlapping technique involves utilizing the ten-finger grip while lifting the trailing hand’s pinky finger to rest it between the middle and index finger of the leading hand. The trailing hand moves closer to the leading hand, and the thumb of the leading hand remains pointing down.

The advantages of the overlapping grip are that it is easy to watch and put into practice, combines control and freedom, and is perfect for big hands.

The Ten-Finger Grip

This is the most regular club grip when it comes to golfing. As the name suggests, it involves letting all your ten fingers touch the club. Some players will refer to it as baseball or neutral grip. The ten-finger grip involves placing your leading hand towards the top of the club while the trailing hand is placed below. You must ensure that the knuckles of both hands align and there is no space between the hands. However, the thumb of your leading hand should be pointing up, rest on the club, and remain covered by your right hand’s fingers.

The benefits associated with the ten-finger grip include that it has more impact power and the most natural feeling. Also, it is easier for beginners to practice compared to other gripping techniques.

Choosing the golf grip that is right for you is influenced by what works best for you. Different players will do better with different gripping techniques depending on their capability and liking. Take time to practice each and choose the most appropriate for a great gaming experience.

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