How Maple Syrup can Take your Summer Barbeque to the Next Level


Summer is the best time of the year for outdoor activities including backyard barbeques. You want to enjoy the warmth and the ability to spend time with your loved ones. Although you can cook up the usual barbeque classics such as burgers, hotdogs, and brats, why not add a bit of pure maple syrup into the mix for a fabulous grill-out? You can share this trick with your colleagues and clients by giving them Délices Erable & cie corporatif.

Below are some ways to transform a late summer barbeque by adding some sweetness using maple syrup:

Making Barbeque Sauce

A rich barbeque sauce made with maple syrup can improve the taste of your grilled chicken breasts, legs, or thighs. You can buy barbeque sauces made with pure maple syrup from reputable maple syrup product suppliers. These products are made to maintain a perfect balance of sweet and spicy in their products.  With these sauces, you can taste a bit of the finest maple syrup in each tasty bite. These barbeque sauces will go well on chicken, beef, and pork as well as on tofu for vegetarians. Whether you want to slather, marinate, dip, or drizzle it, you will surely love it.

Making Seasoning

If you are looking to add new flavour to your bean burgers, turkey, or beef, maple pepper can take a new twist on the seasoning usually used for adding flavour to grilled meats and grilled pepper for a flavour explosion. Although this seasoning goes great on meat, you can add a dash of it grilled garlic potatoes, grilled vegetables, and corn-on-the-cob.

Making Side Dishes

Any backyard barbeque will only be complete when there are side dishes. Instead of whipping up the usual potato and macaroni salad, consider making maple-syrup-based sides. To create sweet versions, glaze your grilled apples with maple syrup. Serve these with an additional drizzle of the syrup and a crushed walnut garnish. Also, baking beans with maple syrup produce a great pair for chicken, fish, pork, and grilled vegetables.

If these barbeque eats sound delightful to you, head over to your favourite gourmet shop. Most shops will give you free recipes. All you need is their pure maple syrup which you can order online or in your local grocery stores. But, wherever you want to buy your maple products, make sure you are stocked with pure maple syrup, born, and tapped in Quebec.

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