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Being part of a sports team is actually a pretty big deal. With all the practice and training, you want to make your game get the attention it deserves. No one wants to play for an empty stadium. Besides, the school spirit is what carries the whole occasion.

So here’s the question: how do you market your school’s basketball game to the people in your community? If you don’t know what to do, we will cover some basic hacks for you.

Create a slogan and mascot

In case you don’t already have a mascot, this is your sign to come up with one. Having a mascot for your school and team creates a sense of community. People who don’t even like basketball will want to attend the game to offer what they can: their support.

Remember, your mascot should represent something so don’t pick it on a whim. What does your team stand for? What do you want to be perceived as? What colors will your mascot adorn? These are details that matter so you should think about them long and hard.

Once you have a mascot, you need a slogan. Something that the crowd will scream at the top of their lungs, and something that gives your team motivation. This can be funny, serious, or even quirky. Depends entirely on how much your team connects with it. If you can’t come up with a clever slogan, then there are millions to choose from. Pick whatever fits!

Take to Instagram

Your classmates, your friends, your peers, these are the people who will cheer your name while you’re out there shooting hoops.

Step one is always to spread awareness and get the word out. There might be so many kids from your school who want to attend the game but they don’t know when or where it will be happening, or if they are even welcome to attend! To target the younger part of your audience, Instagram is your go-to tool. Create a separate account for your team. Introduce your players as creatively as you can. Film some behind the scenes clips and make a random funny video. Just roll out content that reflects who you guys truly are.

Put up collaborative posts with your team members and introduce them, post regular interactive stories, let your mascot and slogan be known. Ask the influencers from your school to post a story and attend the event, it will do wonders.

It’s important to pick a vibe and tone, and then stick to it. If you want your team to seem intimidating and competitive, then that’s exactly how you can present it on your socials! If you don’t have the time to design attractive social media graphics, then simply use a free template online and make your life easier.

Another thing about instagram is that reels can make your engagement skyrocket (if done correctly). Keep an ear out for trending audios and make low effort videos occasionally too. You never know which reel the algorithm might boost.

Community groups are your best friend

Know your audience, but also know there can be more than one! Students aren’t the only people into basketball games – parents and siblings show up to offer their support (or even just for the family spirit).

The best place to reach adults on the internet is Facebook. If you think your neighborhood doesn’t have a closed Facebook group where grown ups discuss events and complaints, you are probably mistaken. Search up these groups, use a few basketball poster templates to make some posters and a banner, and start publicizing!

Do not limit yourself only to the digital world though. This game is probably only important to your close knit community so put up poster printouts in accessible places. The school noticeboard, local grocery stores, the park even. Never underestimate the motivation of a bored adult and involved parent! If their kid’s school is having a game, they will pull up.

Final thoughts

Basketball games can be competitive and it is very easy to break under the pressure of an entire school’s expectations. You need to remind yourself that at the end of the day, the point is to have fun!

Make new friends, push your limits, polish your rusty promotional skills, but most importantly, keep your sportsman spirit alive. If you follow these few marketing hacks properly then you will have dozens of people in the bleachers cheering you on – and in moments as exciting as those, the experience matters more than the win!

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