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Being a famous rockstar has its benefits. You get to travel all over the world, eat at the best restaurants, attend the swankiest parties and make your living doing something you love. However, not everyone has the chops to make it in music. If you can’t be a rockstar, working with one might be the next best option.

Entertainment Law

John Branca Age 70 was a music major in college who played in a rock band that opened for The Doors in his teens. Eventually, John Branca attorney would become one of the best-known entertainment lawyers in the music industry, representing huge stars, such as Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and Justin Timberlake. John Branca attorney describes entertainment law as being entertaining because you get to wear lots of different hats.


If law school isn’t for you, consider working as a publicist. Publicists are the people who help make sure famous people stay famous. It is their job to manage the public image of the stars they represent. Publicists schedule interviews, run social media campaigns, issues press releases, and keep the public up-to-date on the latest news about their clients.

Social Media Coordinator

Social media coordinators may work for stars looking for companies to partner with or for brands that want to pay celebrities to promote their products. People in this job need to have a strong understanding of what appeals to the target market and be able to appropriately match a celebrity with a compatible brand. A good match needs to fit both the brand of the company being promoted and of the celebrity doing the promotion.

Beauty Expert

Rockstars and other celebrities can’t just be good at their jobs. They also need to look good while doing it. That’s where beauty experts come in. Beauty experts help stars take care of their skin and makeup and may also help them get camera ready for interviews and performances.

Dog Trainer

If you like pets more than people, consider being a celebrity dog trainer. Celebrity dogs need to learn the same skills, such as how to sit, stay and not chew up the couch, as other people’s dogs. They also may need more unusual training, such as how to safely board a private jet or yacht or not freak out around a camera crew.

Being famous isn’t a realistic expectation for everyone. However, if being part of a celebrity’s inner circle appeals to you, there are lots of different careers to consider.

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