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The weather is turning grim. I really prefer the summer. Not that I hate the winter time. It can be really nice and peaceful. Both November and December are fine, the weather is starting to turn colder, nights become longer, and the first snow will start to fall. People will start decorating their houses and suddenly everything starts to feel warm and inviting. However, I don’t really like the months after the holidays. My dog feels the same way. He doesn’t really like the cold, he really prefers the winter. To make sure that my dog stays nice and warm during the winter, I bought him some nice dog shoes, dog socks, and a waterproof dog coat. This already helps a lot with encouraging my dog to still go outside. But while he is outside, I still want him to be visible. Sadly, all the protective clothing that I bought does not have reflective pads. Combined with the fact that my dog is black means that he is basically invisible. But that is about to change with his new dog collar light.

The benefits of a dog collar light

My dog is well-trained, so he does not need to go on a leash. However, that does mean that my dog is walking around by himself without any lights. This can be dangerous for my dog, but also for people in the streets. That is why I bought some dog collar lights. You can attach the lights to the collar of the dogs. This makes sure that he is visible in the dark. You could also buy a dog collar that lights up itself. So then the collar is the light. However, because my dog always likes to break his collar, I decided on buying a dog collar light, and it works really well.

Where to buy these dog collar lights

You can buy dog collar lights at many pet stores, however I find that most of them are cheaply made. The dog collar light has to be strong and robust. I should not break whenever your dog rolls around on the pavements. I bought my dog collar lights from Vetsend. They have some high quality lights that will last a very long time. Now I know that my dog is fully equipped and ready to face the winter. I also know that others will be able to see them. Sadly for my dog, he won’t be able to jump-scare pedestrians anymore.

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