Managed WordPress hosting: why your business needs it in 2024


WordPress has long been a champion content management system (CMS). What’s more, hosting through this CMS comes with awesome advantages for modern businesses looking to optimise their website. Package plans through the CMS offer added features and enhanced performance that makes them easy-to-navigate and highly flexible!

So, how can your business benefit from this awesome service in 2024? Let’s find out more about the package and the fantastic features that drive site optimisation for Aussie businesses:

But first, what is managed WordPress hosting?

When it comes to webhosting WordPress is easily the most capable CMS. Why? Because a reputable service provider can manage all your site’s technical aspects through the CMS. This includes everything from managing and upkeeping automated backups, security, speed and updates.

Having a dedicated service provider manage these technical aspects takes the worry off your hands whilst optimising your website. What’s more, it provides you with a faster, more secure website, and one that customers will have no trouble accessing and downloading at rapid speed.

Let’s now take a more in-depth look at some of this web and email hosting service’s awesome benefits:

  1. It provides easy optimisation

This service makes installing and setting up a website simple. In fact, you can expect to have a brand new website in just a matter of minutes. Your provider will enlist a guided wizard for easy-installation and configuration. All you will have to do is answer a few simple questions and you will be ready to create your stunning website.

Of course, your provider may also be experts in designing and developing WordPress sites, so feel free to inquire about this with them, too. This simple navigation also makes server optimisation a breeze. Your service provider ensures all server configurations are optimised to suit your business needs which, consequently, can greatly enhance your website optimisation.

  1. It provides automatic updates

Are you one who shies away from operating system upgrades? Is the “Remind Me In:” button always just a quick click away? If so, this solution is perfect for you. This solution provides automatic updates to your network and plugins. This, consequently, ensures enhanced protection whilst further optimising your website.

  1. It provides enhanced security

This CMS is easily the most popular on the Internet. In fact, it runs nearly 40% of the Internet’s entire web catalogue, making it an incredibly enticing target for cybercriminals. The way to ensure your website is fully secure is through following best practices.

But what are these best practices? Managed WordPress hosting, of course! It includes automatic security updates and extra protection to ensure your website is safe from unwanted entry to your website’s backend. You can never be too safe in the modern digital sphere – ensure your website is fully-protected through this advanced host service!

  1. It is super fast

As this service optimises web servers for the CMS they often run more efficiently than on cheaper shared networks. If your site experiences a sudden slow down then you should truly consider a managed solution to alleviate this problem. This is because they enjoy extra speed-boosting features like content delivery networks and image optimisation.

  1. They have a range of self-service tools

These winning solutions make it easy to self-manage your network. They provide self-service access to server tools which allow you to complete tasks like cache-flushing with ease. Your plan may also include automatic support for moving from staging to production and creating staging sites.

As you can see, this is a winning solution for any business looking to optimise their website on this first class platform – find your winning team today!

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