Some Important Facts About Athlete’s Foot


Athlete’s foot is nothing but a kind of fungal infection, which affects the skin on your foot. Besides, this condition is also known as Tinea Pedis. This condition can affect both toenails and hands. Athletes foot in more common in athletes. Even though this is not a serious condition, it is something that is generally difficult to treat. If you have a weaker immune system or diabetes then you must immediately contact a podiatrist for this condition.

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What are the causes of Athlete’s foot?

  • Spending more time, the crowded places like swimming pools without wearing any footwear.
  • Sharing your shoes, towels, or socks with infected persons.
  • Visiting the public places like locker rooms barefoot.
  • Wearing tight shoes.
  • Having too sweaty feet.
  • Minor nail or skin injuries.
  • Leaving your foot wet for a long duration.

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What are the symptoms of Athlete’s foot?

Athlete’s foot can cause a variety of symptoms. Some of them include

  • Itchy blisters on your foot.
  • A kind of burning and itching sensation between the toes.
  • Your skin looks like raw skin on your foot.
  • Toenails that are discolored, thick, and crumbling.
  • Peeling and crackling skin on your foot.

How to prevent Athlete’s foot?

Mentioned below are some of the tips for you to prevent this condition.

  • Make sure that you wash your socks at least once for every 2 to 3 days to avoid such problems. You have to also avoid sharing your socks or shoe with others.
  • Avoid using the same shoe for a longer duration. Keep changing your shoe at least once for every 6 to 8 months. You must also use clean shoes daily.
  • Wash your legs clean daily with lukewarm water. Pat them dry using a soft cloth post washing.
  • Avoid touching other’s foot with your hands directly, as even this can lead to the spread of Athlete’s foot.

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