Spatial Wonder: Why The Great Aussie Garage Is A Dream Build


Aussies love their garages. Whether it’s a space for the car, a corner for the tools, a spot for the fridge or a room for the goods, this legendary build has always had a special place in Australian homes.

But it doesn’t stop at being just a storage space, you can be sure of that, as top quality Australian garage sheds also come with a huge range of uses that make them the versatile wonders we dream of when buying a home!

Here are five reasons why the humble garage is still the Aussie homeowner’s dream space:

  • Well, they do protect your things

Things is a broad term: it can mean something as small as a tool kit or as large as your car, but one thing is for certain – they are all safe and sound in the classic car space.

Whilst they act primarily as a space to keep your car, they double as a place to protect valuable items that you might not be able to store in the home. In the Aussie car space you can find anything from the famous extra fridge to complete DIY spaces, a plethora of stinking sporting equipment to home gyms (given the space permits).

With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why so many families put their trust in this great place for so much more than just their brand new family car!

  • They are multipurpose spaces

Your shed doesn’t just protect your goods – it can act as a complete multipurpose space where you can get all kinds of things done. Whether you’re going for a home gym, a comprehensive DIY space, an artistic studio or something completely different, you can always trust that this most hallowed room will provide the space you need to seriously get things done.

  • It can protect you from the elements

Australia’s weather is unpredictable, and we never know when we are going to find ourselves outside in a wild storm or, possibly worse, the blaring 40+ heat. Luckily, the trusty garage shed provides us with ample protection from the nastiest extremes of our weather cycles, ensuring we have a place to park and safely enter the home without running the risk of getting pneumonia or heat stroke.

  • They can also be a great place to hang out

Speaking of extreme weather, this classic Aussie home addition is perfect for hangouts when the weather is a little too extreme to enjoy outside! This is especially so on those freezing nights and nasty hot days, when you still want to hang out with your mates but can’t fathom doing it in the back garden!

Instead, simply connect that old heater or turn on that frosty aircon, open a coldie and kick back in a space that is comfortable and protected from the elements.

  • They increase property value

One of the first things people look for in a new home is plenty of storage space, and we all know the best place in the home for keeping those goods we don’t keep in the home. These classic structures have the potential to increase your properties value by thousands, and are a great investment for the home to boot.

They’re just a classic, really

There is a reason why most standalones in our wide nation have these imperative structures – they are just that useful. No matter what you one for: creating, element protection, merrimaking and safekeeping – you can always trust the fantastic carport to keep you and your goods protected.

With so many awesome, custom-made designs available for your home, it’s easy to see why they continue to be one of the go-to additions to any property!

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