Stylish Space: 3 Fabulous Benefits Of A Kitchen Remodel


Is your kitchen in serious need of a redo? Was it built in the 60s, commenced degradation in the 70s, and in the 2020s it is, well… completely and irreversibly dilapidated?

Okay, maybe it’s not that bad, but if you’ve been thinking about a kitchen remodel then there must be a pretty solid reason for it. Either the tapware’s gone bust (ooh, brand new basin mixer tap?), it is inconveniently designed (cabinetry outside the kitchen etc.) or it is genuinely unsafe (falling draws from unpleasant heights) then maybe you would reap the benefits of a brand new redo!

Here are just a few of them:

  • It reinvigorates the kitchen

The most obvious reason to remodel your kitchen is to breathe stunning new life into said kitchen. There is nothing more uninspiring than a tired, drab old space, one that is covered in cracks and, is that mould on the ceiling?

Instead, a brand new kitchen, complete with new appliances, cabinetry, range etc. will be a fantastic way to inspire that love of cooking you lost when you began to feel a little overwhelmed by your current drawback.

Nothing speaks to our creative cooking senses more like a remodel, and you can make so much happen with just a few alterations.

  • It can raise your homes resale value

Think about it: you’re going to resell the home, but one room in the home is dragging down its resale value (or ability to sell in the first place!). The people roll through, and you see the looks on their faces when they realise they themselves will have to undertake a full remodel if they are to occupy or lease out the home.

Why not just beat them to it and exponentially raise the home’s resale value in the process? It should come as no surprise that installing brand new kitchen appliances and joinery is one of the ultimate ways to boost up your home’s resale value, making it a space that draws the homebuyer’s attention and has them wanting to buy what you have to sell.

  • It makes the kitchen more convenient

The old day kitchen wasn’t exactly designed with ergonomics close at heart. Why is it that they are always so poky? Why is it that they always have far more cabinet space than food preparation space?

We don’t need to rely on these inconvenient, frustrating spaces for our cooking needs – we can change the situation in a way that makes cooking a pleasant, peaceful experience, and not one that makes us rack our brains with a feeling of claustrophobic inconvenience.

A brand new kitchen remodel can help us create far more space and convenience in a way we never thought possible with our current clunky design. You can do little things like keep the applicable utensils near their required cooking spaces (think bowls and coffee cups near the breakfast bar, cooking utensils on the new range splashback etc.) as well as reduce unnecessary cupboard space (something that can really be done without!).

Either way, the remodel is your opportunity to breathe new life into your kitchen, through convenience and style. What’s more, it can truly boost your home’s resale value, making it a place that potential buyers can see themselves or their tenants happily cooking in.

This is why the kitchen remodel is one that should never be overlooked when thinking about how you can invigorate your home. Reclaim your space, make it yours and make it one where you are proud to prepare your food.

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