The Causes, Effects, Reasons, And Treatments for Poor Foot Circulation


Foot circulation can be blocked or damaged because of many reasons. If you feel numbness in your foot, then understand that it is time to look for a podiatrist. This issue can cause long-term issues on your health, the best way of avoiding it is to find the root cause, and work on it before it is too late.

Blue Cross Blue Shield or also known as BCBS is an insurance carrier that is available at affordable price. This insurance covers almost all kinds of treatment for foot and ankle issues. Dr. Sima Soltani is the Blue Cross Blue Shield podiatrist as they accept patients, who are covered under this insurance. You can get the best treatment for an affordable price because of this insurance option.

Poor foot circulation reasons

Here are some of the many reasons for poor foot circulation. 

  • Blood clots
  • Obesity
  • Peripheral artery disease
  • Varicose veins
  • Diabetes
  • Nerve damage
  • Reynaud’s disease

If you are suffering from any of these conditions, then it is suggested to get the treatments as early as possible. Sometimes, the issues with the blood circulation to the foot can be related to diabetes as well.

Hence, getting medical attention is suggested as early as possible.

Effects of poor blood circulation to the foot

  • The difficulty for walking normally
  • Numbness
  • Muscle cramps
  • Tingling
  • Pain in the area
  • Feeling the sense of the foot falling asleep
  • Throbbing

The initial pain and numbness start in the foot and will spread to the ankle and this makes it difficult to walk properly. The tingling sensation associated with numbness as explained by the podiatrist Blue Cross Blue Shield can sometimes result in falling and also suffering from some serious injuries.


The main work of the body circulation system is to supply the required nutrients, oxygen, and blood to all body parts. Poor circulation is the condition when there is not enough supply of blood to any body part. The effects will be tingling, numbness, cramps in the muscles, and so on.

The main cause of poor blood circulation is peripheral artery disease. The effects can be experienced in multiple folds while climbing the stairs, walking, running, or other such exercise routines. The narrowed arteries and blood vessels are the actual causes of poor blood circulation according to the BCBS podiatrist


  • Managing the better insulin supply to the body by the diabetic patients
  • Laser treatments to work on varicose veins
  • Surgical options at rare cases
  • Compression socks to reduce the pain and swelling
  • Some medications such as blood thinners, calcium channel blockers, and beta-blockers, etc., are the great options
  • Specialized therapeutic sessions
  • Following the strict exercise routines

The best way of avoiding poor blood circulation to the foot is by avoiding sitting idle for more than a few minutes. Try standing up for a few minutes as many times as possible and keep your body in motion whenever possible. Even though the treatments for poor blood circulation for the foot come under the BCBS insurance, the Anthem Blue Cross covered California specialists suggest avoiding the chances of recurring the issue.

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