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In every campaign, success must be measured. You will not know whether your SEO campaign worked or not if you do not take a moment to measure it. So, how do you even track and measure the success of your SEO marketing efforts? It is simple, you just track the organic traffic that your website gets. Many tools can be used to track success and one of them is google analytics. If the number is going up, it means that you are simply doing something but when the number is stagnant, something is not right. Here are some of the ways to track your success

Monitoring the organic share of voice

The first way to track your SEO efforts is by tracking the organic share of voice. This is simply how visible your brand or business is when it is compared to the competition. This is very important because there is a relationship between the market share and the SoV. Some tools can be used to track organic shares online.

Track conversions

To track your success, you can also track the conversions from organic searches. Conversion is the process by which page visitors take a step to perform the action that is desired. The desired action can be clicking the link or even making a purchase. You can use google analytics to help you know about conversions for purchases. You can also use google analytics to discover anything else that you like and want.

Use experts

If you cannot know whether your SE strategies and campaigns are working on your own, you can as well hire an expert UK SEO company. That way, they will do everything for you including measuring the amount of success that your website would have received. There are many SEO companies out there and hiring the best is ideal


SEO has become a very popular discussed topic in the world today. It is what many are relying on to make sure that they stay on top of their game. If utilised very well, SEO can drive traffic, free and consistent traffic too. Apart from that, SEO leads to conversions and increase in sales. After launching an SEO campaign, the next important step is to measure how successful it was. If you do not, you will not have an idea of whether you have been doing the right thing or not. Many tools can be used to measure SEO success. Choose the best to find out how successful your campaign has been.

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