Top Advantages of Corrugated Product Packaging 


Corrugated packaging boxes boast of using premium grade material and high technology manufacturing process. This makes these boxes perfect for packaging as well as shipping. Were you aware that more than 95% of total products in the US are dispatched in corrugated cartons? The increase in popularity of corrugated boxes across organizations and industries was due to many good reasons.

Top advantages of corrugated product packaging

Maximum protection

The corrugated products have a combination of linear and medium, which makes it stronger than the simple cardboard box designed with a single sheet. The flute between the linear board acts as a cushion for the products while handling and shipping.

The thickness and size will vary as per your product needs. The material keeps bacteria and moisture away from products, which is the utmost necessary for packaging food products so that the long shipping time can be sustained.

Easy customization

The professionals at can help you customize a unique cardboard box design that suits your business needs. You can choose a material with different thickness levels, a coating for fire-resistant, an adhesive to add strength, and foldable options. Different kinds of printing options can also be applied to the corrugated cartons.

A cost-effective and sustainable option

The manufacturing rate of corrugated cardboard material is affordable because the tools used are inexpensive and the labor cost is low. Moreover, the material can be recycled easily, so is an eco-friendly option. You can even fold and store these boxes for future use.

Great branding option

You can customize the corrugated material using designs that can create brand awareness. Give the corrugated containers a personal touch, which creates an impression. Professional branding means you will earn loyal customers for your products.


Corrugated cardboard is lightweight yet strong, so convenient for shoppers because they will not be charged extra on their shipping [because of heavy packing]. Besides, they will not have to compromise on product safety. The lightweight feature does not allow the increase in the weight of your heavy product along with shipping costs.


As corrugated cardboards are manufactured from 70% to 100% recyclable materials, it is a great green packaging material. The majority of the corrugated cardboards don’t use dyes or bleaches, so you can dispose of them easily. They can even be recycled or reused with ease. Reusing of corrugated boxes allows you to minimize waste and costs connected with the disposal.

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