Useful Tips to Help You Replace Your Sailboat Rigging


Replacing your sailboat rigging is something most people can do if they have some experience and understand the components of the rig. When your mast is carefully secured, you can inspect all components of the rig and replace or repair where needed. The lifespan of your rigging depends heavily on usage and how well you kept up maintenance tasks.

Mast Up or Down?

The first thing you need to consider is whether you want to tackle the rigging with the mast up or down. If you have enough time to take the mast down, it will make it a lot easier to replace the rigging. When the mast is horizontal and secured on firm ground, you will have no issue replacing a shroud terminal or rigging screws. To save some time, order what parts you need online and have them ready for replacement.

Type of Rigging

You may be thinking about whether to rig with wire or rod when you replace the rigging on the boat. When you ask for advice, you will get mixed answers. It is easy to stick to this method – If you have wire rigging do not change it and vice versa. The other components of your boat will have a rod or wire rigging to accommodate your vessel, so there is no need to change them.

Here are some reasons why you do not need to change the current type of rigging you have on the boat.

  • It takes time to change it
  • Rod is more expensive
  • You have to modify other components

Stick with the same rigging material unless you want to change from wire to rod.

Take Pictures

When changing the rigging, take photos of anything you do not understand and make sure you zoom in to catch every detail. Check to see if there are any signs of deterioration and try to identify the cause. Problems with the rigging system can happen for all sorts of reasons from a misalignment that affects the rig to unnecessary fitting that limit movement. Some of these problems are probably why you are replacing the rig, so learn from your mistakes.

If you are sure your sailboat rigging needs work and you are ready to start the project, make sure you have done your homework and you are confident that you can carry out good quality work. If you do not feel like you can handle the job, use a professional that understands rigging.

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