Why Do Solo Travelers Require Overseas Travel Insurance?


In recent years, many people have started opting for solo trips around the world. Travelling alone can help you explore and learn while connecting with new people. However, travelling alone can also expose you to unexpected risks. The best way to stay prepared for such emergencies is to purchase an overseas travel insurance policy. In this article, we will discuss why solo travellers need travel insurance while overseas.

Importance of Travel Insurance for Solo Travelers

Travelling to a foreign land has its own risks and dangers. Solo travellers need to be extra careful during a trip to an international country. Here are some reasons why solo travellers need overseas insurance coverage:

●       Medical emergencies

When you are visiting a new country, the food, water, and air are new to you. Hence, there is an increased possibility of falling ill or contracting an infection. These illnesses can be mild or severe and require hospitalisation. And when you are travelling alone, you will have to manage such medical emergencies by yourself. This can also dent your finances. But when you buy health insurance for overseas travel, the insurer offers assistance and reimbursement of all medical costs.

●       Flight delays or cancellations

Many solo travellers tend to visit multiple locations while touring a foreign country. They plan a detailed itinerary that includes connecting flights and/or trains within a short span. However, it is important to remember that flights can get cancelled and derail your entire plan. With a travel policy, you can get reimbursement for the cancelled tickets and coverage for expenses related to an extra stay in the hotel. Bear in mind that not all insurance companies offer flight cancellation refunds. You have to read the policy brochure to see what it does and does not cover. Speak freely with your insurance provider to know about all inclusions and exclusions.

●       Loss of passport

Losing your passport in a foreign country can be a solo traveller’s nightmare. With the passport being the only source of identification, losing it in a foreign country can get you in trouble. In such a dire case, you must contact and rush to the Indian Embassy to get a duplicate passport issued. Until then, you cannot move around in the country. A travel insurance plan, in this case, reimburses the costs associated with getting your passport reissued.

●       Loss/Delay of baggage

Checked-in luggage gets delayed and lost every day across flights around the world. While airlines try their best to locate the missing luggage, it can be a hassling experience for a solo traveller. With an international travel insurance policy, the insurer compensates the amount you spend in buying certain essentials until your luggage is located. This amount can vary, and you need to check with the insurer before making the purchase.

●       Third-party liability

When you are travelling, minor accidents and mishaps are common. If your actions damage the property of a third party, then you will have to compensate for the damages. With a travel insurance policy, the insurer will pay the compensation.

As a solo traveller, it is important to understand the insurance requirements of a country before visiting it. Many countries have made it mandatory for travellers to have an international health insurance plan before allowing the individual to enter the country. Even in such cases, an international travel insurance plan is a better option since it offers medical insurance and coverage for non-medical emergencies.


As you can see, international travel insurance plans are essential for solo travellers. If you are travelling on business and your company’s corporate travel policy offers adequate coverage, you don’t need to buy a new travel policy. But for solo international trips, avoid embarking on the journey without a comprehensive international travel insurance policy. Also, before you buy, make sure that you research the market, compare providers and plans, and factor in the claim settlement process carefully. Good Luck!

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